Poria cocos tablet is counterfeit

- Mar 16, 2019-

CCTV net revealed the true face of "poria cocos tablet", reminding consumers, especially the elderly, not to buy "poria cocos tablet".

"Poria cocos tablet" is an effective medicine that can reduce blood sugar. It is a pure Chinese medicine product with non-toxic side effects. However, nearly a year after taking the drug, diabetes patients have not improved.

After investigation, evidence collection and testing by the food and drug administration of Liaoning province and Tieling city, the so-called specific drug for treating diabetes, "poria cocos tablet", was identified as a fake drug. Not only is the drug no cure, it also contains a potentially deadly banned ingredient.

Treat diabetes

Pharmacy issues' poria cocos tablets'

Luan Libiao, a professor at China pharmaceutical university and a mentor to graduate students, told the media that to gain profits, the pharmaceutical factory added powerful western drugs to the Chinese medicine and produced fake and inferior drugs, which may cause damage to the human body and is a violation of regulations.

Wang gang, head of the inspection department of Tieling, Liaoning, said there were major problems with the approval number of the "poria cocos tablet". The drug uses the food approval number and is suspected of misappropriating the expired license number to cover up the crime of producing and selling fake and inferior drugs.

The test results for the approved number of foods sold in the pharmacy as a diabetes drug were shocking. 

Four western drug ingredients were detected

Staff of the food and drug inspection research institute of Liaoning province found four active ingredients of western medicine after testing the "poria cocos tablet", including glyoxuride, pioglitazone hydrochloride, metformin hydrochloride, and phenformin hydrochloride. Wang Gang says, do not say it is not a medicine. It is traditional Chinese medicine detects to add active ingredient of western medicine, according to law regulation, also should treat according to counterfeit medicine.

The Luan Libiao told Pengpai News that the SFDA does not allow and will not approve the production of the current mixture of Chinese and western medicines. Due to the relatively mild nature of traditional Chinese medicine, patients may feel the effect is not obvious after taking traditional Chinese medicine, so they will not buy it. In order to make profits, the pharmaceutical factory added some western drugs with strong medicinal properties to the traditional Chinese medicine and produced fake and inferior drugs, which was illegal operation.

The four ingredients in the "poria cocos tablet" are commonly used to treat diabetes, and the sales of metformin hydrochloride tablets were among the top 10 in the world. However, the Luan said, "there are four western medicines in the tablet, which may cause damage to the heart and liver."