Sodium Saccharin Application From Runquankang Factory

- Nov 11, 2020-

Sodium saccharin has a wide range of applications. Saccharin Sodium can be used in foods such as cakes, cold drinks, beverages, popsicles, jelly, pickles, candied fruit, meringue, etc., to replace part of sucrose. At the same time, saccharin can also be used as a feed additive in pig feed and sweeteners. Sodium saccharin can also be used in the daily chemical industry, and it can also be added to toothpaste, eye drops and mouthwash. Although saccharin is not easy to absorb, it has no nutritional value to the human body, and it also has a bitter taste, so although there is no harm, it is not suitable for eating more.

saccharin sodium is what we usually say, it has a certain sweetness. In our daily use, we use saccharin sodium in many places. Sodium saccharin can be used not only as a food additive, but also as a stabilizer. At the same time, we all use sodium saccharin in industrial electroplating. It can be said that the scope of application of sodium saccharin is very wide. So when we use saccharin sodium daily, there will be mesh numbers. What do these mesh numbers represent? Next, our saccharin sodium manufacturer will introduce to you the number of saccharin sodium and the characteristics of saccharin sodium.