In 2019, The Work Of The Government Announced The Focus Of The Pharmaceutical Industry.

- Mar 08, 2019-

I. Review of work in 2018

  Deepen the reform of medical, medical insurance and medical linkages. Steadily promote graded diagnosis and treatment;

  Improve the basic medical insurance subsidy standard for residents and the proportion of reimbursement for major illness insurance;

  Accelerate the reform of new drug review and approval, and 17 kinds of anticancer drugs have been greatly reduced in price and included in the national medical insurance catalogue;

  Strengthen food and drug safety supervision and severely investigate and deal with cases of vaccines such as Changchun Changsheng Company.

Second, the government work task of 2019

  1. The current 16% tax rate in industries such as manufacturing fell to 13%

  Both inclusive tax cuts and structural tax cuts are combined, with a focus on reducing the tax burden on manufacturing and small and micro enterprises. Deepen the VAT reform, reduce the current 16% tax rate in industries such as manufacturing to 13%, and keep the tax rate of 6% in the first grade unchanged. However, by adopting complementary measures such as increasing tax deductions for production and living services, ensure all The industry tax burden will only decrease, and will continue to move toward the third-grade and two-speed tax rate and the simplified tax system.

  2. Implement the "separation of licenses" reform

  This year, it is necessary to implement the “Separation of Licenses” reform for all business licenses, so that enterprises can obtain business licenses more easily and operate as soon as possible, and resolutely overcome the phenomenon of “access is not allowed to camp”. Carry out online examination and approval and services, speed up the realization of one network, and operate in different places, so that more matters are not handled. It is necessary to go to the site to do “one window acceptance, time limit settlement” and “run at most once”.

  3. Deepen research and development applications such as big data and artificial intelligence

  Promote the accelerated development of emerging industries. We will deepen research and development applications such as big data and artificial intelligence, and foster a new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters to strengthen the digital economy. Adhere to inclusive and prudent supervision, support the development of new modes of new business, and promote the healthy growth of the platform economy and the sharing economy. Accelerate the promotion of "Internet +" in various fields of various industries. Continue to push the network to speed up and reduce costs. Carry out urban Gigabit broadband home demonstration, transform and upgrade distance education and telemedicine networks, and promote mobile network base station expansion and upgrade, so that users can feel the network speed faster and more stable.

  4. Improve the punitive damages system for intellectual property infringement

  Increase the support of basic research and applied basic research, strengthen original innovation, and strengthen key core technology research. We will improve the integration mechanism of production, education and research with enterprises as the main body. Expand international innovation cooperation. Comprehensively strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, improve the punitive damages system for intellectual property infringement, and promote invention and creation and transformation. Technological innovation is essentially a creative activity of people. It is necessary to fully respect and trust the scientific research personnel, and give the innovation team and the leading talents greater control over the property rights of the people and the technical route.

  5. Vigorously develop community care services

  We must vigorously develop old-age care, especially the community-based old-age service industry, and provide support for tax reductions, financial support, and water and electricity thermal price concessions for institutions that provide day care, rehabilitation care, and food aids in the community. New residential areas should be Supporting the construction of community pension service facilities, reforming and improving the policy of combining medical care and strengthening, and expanding the pilot program of long-term care insurance system, so that the elderly have a happy old age, and later people have a promising future.

  6. Guarantee basic medical and health services

  Continue to improve the level of basic medical insurance and major illness insurance for urban and rural residents. The per capita financial subsidy for residents' medical insurance is increased by 30 yuan, and half is used for major illness insurance. Reduce and unify the outbreak line for major illness insurance, and the reimbursement rate will be increased from 50% to 60%, further reducing the medical burden of seriously ill patient