- Aug 28, 2018-

Salmeterol is a novel selective long-acting beta 2 agonist with a bronchodilating effect that lasts for 12 hours at a single dose. There is a strong inhibitory effect on the release of allergic mediators from lung mast cells, which can inhibit the early and late phase reactions induced by inhaled antigens and reduce airway hyperresponsiveness. For asthma (including nocturnal asthma and exercise asthma), asthmatic bronchitis, and reversible airway obstruction.


It is used for long-term routine treatment of asthma with reversible airway obstruction and chronic bronchitis. It can also be used in patients who have to routinely use bronchodilators, and to prevent nighttime asthma attacks or to control the instability of daytime asthma (eg before exercise or before exposure to allergens).

Pharmacological action

This product is a long-acting selective β2 adrenergic receptor agonist with obvious bronchodilating effect. Inhalation of this product 50 and 100μg, the average time to increase the forced inspiratory volume (FEV) per minute by 15% is 17min and 13min, respectively, while inhaling salbutamol 200μg, the same effect requires 14min. Inhaled 50μg of this product or 200μg of salbutamol, and reached a similar maximum bronchiectasis 3~4h after inhalation, but this product makes the tracheal expansion last much longer (17.5h), and FEV1 remains greater than or equal to 15% of the baseline value. . When the asthmatic patients inhaled the product for 2 weeks, no rapid immunological effects on the lung effect of the product were observed. This product can strongly and long-term inhibition of histamine, leukotrienes, prostaglandins and other inflammatory reactions, the effect lasts 12h. However, some experimental studies have shown that the inhibitory effect of this product on airway hyperresponsiveness caused by allergens is caused by its long-lasting bronchodilation effect, so this product can only relieve the clinical symptoms of asthma and can not inhibit its inflammatory response. Its pharmacological action can be rapidly and completely reversed by beta blockers.